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Image by Green Chameleon

Who Are We?

We are a community of thinkers dedicated to the shared mission of using our talents and skills to better understand our Creator.

What is a Reuleaux? 

A Reuleaux triangle is a shape formed from the intersection of three circular disks, each having its center on the boundary of the other two.


Most famously, a reuleaux triangle stands at the center of a three circle Venn diagram, representing the only place within the diagram in which all three circles meet. This symbol encapsulates our mission at The Reuleaux: to observe crossovers and note the profound ways these overlaps impact both our lives and the world around us.


What are the three sections we seek to illuminate? Well, in part, that's for you to decide. We sometimes describe them as the crossover between life, literature, and God. But those are broad labels. We think you will find more specific answers within the content posted by each of our contributors.

Within this platform, you will find insight from a variety of disciplines, ranging from artist to engineers, musicians to construction workers. Although we come from a wide array of disciplines and interests, we each have something in common -- a shared desire to utilize our talents to better serve and understand our Creator. We hope that you are stimulated intellectually by our content, but also that you are edified spiritually.


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